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Santai (pronounced “sun-tay”) in the Indonesian language translates to “relax”. Santai Studio is a place to calm your mind, nourish your soul, and tap into your creative inner self. The studio opened in 2022 and has quickly evolved from its humble intentions as a small shared workspace, into a busy community pottery and art studio.

The studio hosts a number of Resident Potters and experienced teachers, bringing in technical expertise and knowledge, and facilitating a range of exciting workshops and classes. 

We love to host artists and potters to run specialty workshops in out welcoming space! Please reach out to talk with us about your ideas. If you are interested in renting a private studio room as a Resident Potter, or hiring our main space for a creative event, let us know.


I'm Ash!

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Studio Owner and Manager

Santai Pottery & Art Studio is owned and managed by Ashlea Kellner. With no background or experience in art, Ash attended her first pottery class in 2019 and was instantly hooked. Pottery provided not only an outlet for artistic self expression, but a nourishing space in a busy life where her mind could be still.

Since then, she left her desk job, attended a bunch of courses and workshops, and found pottery equipment was taking over her house! It was from this mess that Santai Studio was born, into a fresh and welcoming new space. 

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